Chinese Investors Star on Broadway

Chinese backers are behind three of the hottest plays on Broadway as part of a broader push to expand musical theater inside China

Who’s the latest behind-the-scenes investor on Broadway? China.

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Our Chinese Friend brings Dance Show to NYC!

JingNYC2013Jing Chuang, our dear friend direct from Beijing, recently brought the acclaimed choreographer Wanma Jiancuo and his production of SHAMBHALA to perform at the Hunter College Kaye Playhouse
.  An evening filled with incredible modern Tibetan Dance.

China Life – Day 3

DAY 3  an ongoing private journal of my Kunlun journey for just my closest friends.

We left our swank offices near the CBD (central business district) and visited what is called our

Production Base.  It is in the south of Beijing.    In a kind of industrial complex.

We are going to make old chemical plant into our rehearsal hall and cast dormitory.

It sits between the Southern Beijing Prison & Drug Addict Center

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Another China Tale – First Two Days

From Don Frantz …

Back to Beijing in the last days of summer to ‘make a show’ with a new team. I have a premonition that there is an adventure starting. I will have to share. You’ll get a few messages that will confirm envy of Read More

1st day of rehearsal – in Columbia, MO & Beijing!

MO – These women are amazing, but I never doubted it for a second!  It’s the same place where I received my training of discipline, technique, respect, and professionalism – all qualities the continue to instill into young women every day.  These women are true musical and comedic geniuses!  We are so lucky to be here.

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Don and more travel in China!

If you think reading Chinese signs are hard…check out reading Chinese music!! Give me 5 lines please!! Just 5 lines! Heck..what about a little dot with a stem and a flag! No wonder the country is good at math, even when playing music they’re looking at their math homework.

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