Thu 9/30 – Alashan, Inner Mongolia, China

We have a go to create a show and a theater in 15 days (sept 13-27) from the government in the district of Erjina, in the county of Alashan of the Inner Mongolian autonomous region of China. Everyone recognizes the task as impossible, but if the local government of this little town can give us a theater we will give them a show. We start with an concept of 3 trees, telling 3 stories about the life and history of the local culture. We have 4 tunes from an Inner Mongolian composer. We have a story outline from a writer. We must assemble cast, design, vendors etc and except for local dancers, animal trainers and crew, everything and everybody have to drive for 2 days from Hohhut, or in best cast fly to Wuhai and then drive 10 hours across the desert to get here. No plane. No train.

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Sat 10/2 – Alashan, Inner Mongolia, China

From Don’s Blackberry…

Well 4 days of shows and it is a treat in the state of affairs here.

First – its all about the banquets and leaders. We are feted for the first 3 nights – full audiences overflowing and leaders visiting from all over inner Mongolia and beyond. A number of bankers and business men all getting face time with party chairmen from the district and county. Our producer Ge is at the center of it all.
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