NEED choreographer & music director/arranger

EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME. The Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region of the PRC is preparing 3 shows to perform for 5 days at the Shanghai Expo. Town Square Productions ( is engaged as the creative producer for the productions. We are seeking a Music Director/Arranger and a Choreographer to work with Don Frantz to create the shows: A Parade, A Wedding Ceremony demonstration, a Musical Revue. There will be Chinese and Mongolian associates and translators. Commencing Thursday April 1 thru Wednesday May 26. $1,500 a week, all travel expenses. Only for the Adventurous. Mostly based in Hohhut, capital of I.M
. where we enjoy a 5 star hotel. See photos of Don Frantz’s work in China here on our blog, on our YouTube site, and more on Flickr site.