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Journalist Wei Ruiyan

With the continuous development of Chinese musicals, ask there has been much more demand in the international performance market. From September 2nd to 23th, the Huaxia Musical Performing Troupe toured the United States with the original Chinese musicals, Kunlun Myth and AFUNDI, produced by the Chinese Performing Arts Agency. They performed in Chicago, Denver, Phoenix and Los Angeles for 16 performances. This is the first time that an original Chinese musical has toured the United States.

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My Far Eastern Christmas

I enjoyed by December directing in China and as every show turns into a family, patient even if they only speak Mandarin
. So I thought I would share with you this year’s holiday family!

Santa was a bit more mean than usual…and wore blue! Also note that he pulled around the gold reindeer, rather than the reindeer pulling him.
Mrs. Clause was calm and cool in gold!