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Sassy, and hysterical might not be the first words you think of when describing Disney princesses. But a new off-Broadway production could change that.

The musical “Disenchanted” is putting a new spin on Disney classics and leaving audiences doubled over in laughter. “The writer of our show, Dennis (Giacino), he was a history teacher,” Michelle Knight, who plays Snow White, explained to CBS2’s Diane Macedo
. “And he noticed that in the tales that were being presented through the Disney movies that things like “Pocahontas” were presented very differently than the way that history actually provides. So he wrote some really fun takes on the reality behind the princess stories, the real fairy tale princesses.” Becky Gulsvig, who plays Cinderella, said that even the Disney purists should be able to appreciate the show. “I think it’s fine because there are things in the Disney stories that, even if you love them, you realize they’re a little bit ridiculous,” she said. To watch the full interview and a performance by the “Disenchanted” stars, click on the video above. For more information about the show, click here.     CBS Video     From CBS 2 New York