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Like any Broadway or Off-Broadway show we’ve done, malady it has been an unique and treasured experience. The talent, passion, diligence and sheer will has solidly been there on the stage each night.

As DISENCHANTED! developed, it has succeeded all over the country, most successfully in Tampa for 11 weeks. After Tampa, we set our sights on New York where we launched onto the world stage.
We are happy to say that after 22 weeks of performances in New York we will have achieved that goal. Yesterday we announced the Spanish production in Dominican Republic and one of the leading theatrical license houses in the world, Theatrical Rights Worldwide, will license the show around the US and internationally.
Our China producer is planning a production within the year in Shanghai. (Mulan will have her day on home turf!) AND… we will all enjoy the incredible songs in a cast recording to be produced later this year. (check out here)

All of this would not have been possible if not for the support from our incredibly dedicated investors, the talent of our creative team, cast and crew, and our devoted audience. THANK YOU ALL!

Along the way there were many highlights from the local CBS news spot, to the 200k+ hits on the cast’s backstage Cup Song video, and mostly to the incredibly generous audiences eight times a week
. As we have seen everywhere the musical was presented, there are always those special eyes and ears in the audience for whom the message resonated and, in between the laughter, were deeply moved. For those the show will never be forgotten.

This Sunday, June 14th, marks the closing of the New York production, but to be clear WE’RE NOT DONE YET! There is a lot more work to do and laughter to spread! We are already seeing the promise of our beloved Princess Posse in theaters far from New York and in languages far from English.
And so, much more to come!