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Today we moved into the new offices of the Grassland Foundation group. There is a sense that this may be a real company. It better be since they are considering the following projects in the next 6 months:

  • A full theatrical musical to perform in the best theater in Beijing and tour 4 Inner Mongolian theaters
  • Outdoor 90 minute spectacle in Hulunbeir in the summer
  • Outdoor 70 minute spectacle in Erjina in the autumn
  • A summer spectacle in Erdos
  • A summer time special event in the square in Hohhut
  • A film about Genghis Khan
  • A tv series about Kublai Khan
  • Management start up for 1000 seat theaters in both Alashan and Haila’er


Right now there are 4 employees and myself. Two of the four were with me for last year’s shows. The other two are new. Only one speaks English.

The work day starts at 9am when the bus picks us up from the hotel and drives us to the new office building
. We get to work at 9:30am.

Since they wish us to eat at the hotel the bus picks us up at 11:30am so the driver can be off at noon.

After the lunch here in Inner Mongolia we have a rest until 3pm.

The bus does pick us up at 2:40pm so we can actually start work at 3pm.

Work is over at 5pm.
It was a good 4 hours of work today.