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From Don’s Blackberry..

Morning after up til 4am preparing all the SM materisals (costume charts, etc.)

Rehearsal #1 car made extra stops.. Claustrophobia flip out..

Director 5 min speech is a full excruciating readthru….no actor Read thru

Lead actor takes role of one line…not good at mandarin

No piano work – copies for 30 thrown away – sofeg

No choreo. But they have bought a piano and the magic stick is promised in pm

Lunch spent choreographing – the composer is free form – no counts of 8 here. Probably a trait of long tones.

Touring site. Ha. Climbing hills.

Half of the boys ride horses! Only one girl rides a camel – all a dying tradition.

Dirt bikes by the dancers!

Dancing in sand – all different in wet sand!

Road starts being built on the set to the right of the stage.

First rehearsal. Great focus respect and QUiet! Wow. Hard to remember the count in chinese – the oldest reflex to undo.

Helps to have lyrics on a big board! Instant cue cards.

And the the stage manager who asked by gesture if I was going to add any hip grinds and stripper classic moves. She smiled the whole day at me.

Food is coming. – an hour later no food. 30 min later we are arrive at cafe – our food on shelf while everyone eats. Ok

Leave translator at cafe to eat..rush back and no 3 actors ….. Ok

YY – we get SM. ….ok…