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Town Square Productions is an entertainment company formed todonlaurie1s develop and manage theatrical productions. Our experience in Broadway, Off-Broadway, Touring, Regional, Theme Parks, Special Events, Las Vegas and even the farms of America, is our continuing asset of diversity, giving us the ability to merge parts of one industry into another. TSP prides itself in being an extremely unique general management and producing company, able to reach out to extraordinary resources in order for each project to receive its own distinctive level of creativity.

We approach each new work in a collaborative strategy with the client in a producing/directing process, and encourage a dialogue to confirm that what will be delivered is in fact what is wanted. Financially, we have proven our ability to work within any budget and find the highest quality of entertainment value, while at the same time balancing the value and integrity of the physical production. Strategically, we explore shows and events that provide one-of-a-kind opportunities, as well as strengthen the consumer loyalty in order to have a closer connection to the audience.


The entertainment industry, more than any other, involves characteristics pulled from multiple resources – proven by TOWN SQUARE PRODUCTIONS’ credits. From theatre to special events to audience interaction and more, TSP can consult on a variety of mediums in order to meet the clients’ needs through creative thinking, problem solving and brainstorming. Since the industry is growing and ever-changing, we can provide a collaborative environment, practical planning, and flexible knowledge to assist clients in achieving success in their most critical mission – methods necessary in this industry.

Because of our continuing asset of diversity, we are available to consult on a variety of levels and on many aspects of the industry – audience needs, perceptions of what will sell, changing technology, intersection of art and business, management of resources, budgetary requirements, staff coordination, and more.

If you think you need help, you do. Whether you operate an entertainment company with a challenge or are a business needing assistance in beginning a new project, TSP is available. There is no cost or risk for discussing issues your company may have or for providing an estimate on what would be involved in solving them
. Companies in the entertainment business are looking for credible professional assistance, which TSP can provide.

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