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Happy 20th Anniversary to Cherry Crest Adventure Farm’s Amazing Maize Maze!

In 1996, Cherry Crest Adventure Farm was the first farm in America – in the world – to launch into the new era of Agri-Tourism
. Jack and Donna Coleman, along with their family and friends, teamed up with the Amazing Maize Maze to create the first permanent cornfield that would be grown each year for the purpose of harvesting FUN.
In addition to fun, for 20 years the Coleman’s have also provided agricultural education, family traditions, employment opportunities and a reminder to over 2 million people what a walk across the farmland can be – a place to discover our food source, a place to recall the simple friendly spirit of your neighbors, a place to reconnect to the roots of American life.

Thank you for planting the seeds and inspiring hundreds, thousands of farms around the world to follow your example.

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm, Hoorah!

Are you ready to lose yourself for the 1st time or the 20th time? It wouldn’t be fun otherwise!

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