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Wishing Upon a (Skewed) Star

Don Frantz, the producer of “Disenchanted!” also worked on Disney’s The Lion King.

A long-time theater producer on the history of his latest project, a satire of Disney princesses

Don Frantz has earned his credits in theater: from theme parks to cruise lines to Disney. Now, the Upper West Sider is producing Disenchanted, a musical spoof on fairy-tale princesses playing at the Westside Theatre on W. 43rd Street. Read More

Disenchanted! Diva Soara-Joye Ross Counts Down Her 10 Ultimate Musical Showstoppers

It’s no surprise, medicine BroadwayBox is a big fan of the off-Broadway musical Disenchanted!. The adult parody of the Disney princess has a total Bridesmaidsmeets good SNL feel to it, ambulance and the highlight of the musical comes late in the one-act when Soara-Joye Ross steps center stage as the Princess Who Kissed the Frog and blows the roof off the Westside Theatre with “Finally,” a big song about an African American princess finally getting her moment too.   Read More

Musical ‘Disenchanted’ Puts New Spin on Disney Classics

Sassy, and hysterical might not be the first words you think of when describing Disney princesses. But a new off-Broadway production could change that.

The musical “Disenchanted” is putting a new spin on Disney classics and leaving audiences doubled over in laughter. “The writer of our show, Dennis (Giacino), he was a history teacher,” Michelle Knight, who plays Snow White, explained to CBS2’s Diane Macedo
. “And he noticed that in the tales that were being presented through the Disney movies that things like “Pocahontas” were presented very differently than the way that history actually provides. Read More

DISENCHANTED… A Feminist Romp.

Are you a Disney fan? An adult?  Disenchanted is a dirty, funny, feminist romp. You meet all of your childhood favorites: Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty and The Princess and The Frog. The characters don’t need to find a Prince, they want respect.  The show is a great time if you are looking to escape your marriage, kids or are in need of a girls night out. Do not bring your kids as it is not for them. The talented cast are all great singers and have funny lines. We had a great time and it is a show that will make you literally laugh out loud.  Simply a fun night out. Upstairs at the West Side Theater Off Broadway. 21 and up for some adult content
.   From