OPENING NIGHT NOTES – “Tree Story” Alashan, Inner Mongolia, China

From Don’s Blackberry….

Morning of the first show. Called to 9 am meeting. First a few and then more including 2 lead actors.

We got the lead composer and writer and producer to go through the list of sins. Essentially the actors are not reflecting the history. Some characters as written do show the best nature of the story. The argument about giving the land to government for the space center can be less. Read More

Thur 9/23 – Alashan, Inner Mongolia, China

From Don’s Blackberry…

Morning is not a combo of instant Quaker oats (honey and maple and such) and instant coffee.
Since the hotel only caters to Chinese leaders and functions of the leaders, viagra buy generic it is very Chinese in its menu. This is always fine, healing except at breakfast. Their version of oatmeal would be congee but it just doesn’t give any strength to this still foreign lad.

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Wed 9/22 – Alashan, Inner Mongolia, China

From Don’s Blackberry…..(sorry for the delayed posting, viagra canada sick but Don can’t get onto the Blog from China!)

In rehearsal today…7:36am the driver arrived – ok!

The Music Team stayed up all night to synth up the “Soldier Song.” Then the computer dumped and lost it. We Americans can only assume it was because of the pirated software! Since that’s all there is.
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