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From Don’s Blackberry…..(sorry for the delayed posting, but Don can’t get onto the Blog from China!)

In rehearsal today…7:36am the driver arrived – ok!

The Music Team stayed up all night to synth up the “Soldier Song.” Then the computer dumped and lost it. We Americans can only assume it was because of the pirated software! Since that’s all there is.

2 hours into rehearsal, 4 days before show, a new actor appears. Gee! And a final run of scene, just steps into a part. Nice to know.

The other government performance at the secret space center for the afternoon is cancelled – we have our ensemble and dancers. Looking up!

Sound is available at the theater space. w0w! The third choreographer is coming, but he just started coming so it is 2 days before we rehearse his piece – the last one!

Rehearsal on stage is a hoot as the workers are pouring cement all over the sand in the audience area. Old carts of wet cement pulled by a wrapped up lady with a rope and guided by a man – mmmm

The Chinese ladies wrap themselves from the sun..hats, scarves, sunglasses, mouth masks, gloves, scarves under the sunglasses – preserving their white beauty! Ok – but I can’t tell who anybody is!

It is mid autumn festival day – a full moon holiday so evening rehearsal is cancelled for a lamb feast for the entire company.

The yurt ‘camp’ is walking distance from the theater. Each yurt sleeps 4 but beautiful flowers and veggie gardens all around. On the other side of the fence from the trees in the sand.

In the morning there is no hot water and the bathrooms are not open 24 hours. So the producer – who also sleeps in a yurt has grown accustom to borrowing my hotel room key to take a shower – least I can do since she let me stay in comfort of sorts.