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It’s lunar New Year’s annual TV gala at the Erdos TV station!
Oh…wait wait…back in Hohhut the Hohhut Police Song and Dance Troupe performed their wonderful annual gala… this cop that got the ‘best servant of the people’ award
. The photo is a little blurry give the emotion of the moment.
If you think reading Chinese signs are hard…check out reading Chinese music!! Give me 5 lines please!! Just 5 lines! Heck..what about a little dot with a stem and a flag! No wonder the country is good at math, even when playing music they’re looking at their math homework.
Theaters are one thing..artists are another…my Mongolian dancers in pose and in motion say it all.
Our Soul of Shaolin superstars Wang Jing Bo and Mr Fang and I posed at the opening night of shanghai’s newest theater !! FAME was the opening attraction!
Now the trick question..what should you have in your soup everyday…please join me in June in NY when I return for a fine delicacy, but I think I’ll save the detail description for after dinner……no not herb, not mineral….yes…it is in my hand…and remember, this is inner Mongolia where the livestock roam….until they don’t.