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Hey!I watched Road to Fame last night and was absolutely floored. It truly demonstrates that astounding balance between hope and fear, anxiety, doubt, and passion that I witnessed first-hand during my time in China. At around 21:30 there is this amazing discussion between Chen Lei and her family about that struggle to go study abroad vs
. “what’s wrong with China?” mentality that TOTALLY captures the struggle I saw so many times in the young people I worked with and still stay in touch with.

And towards the end, there is a line that goes by so fast that you are apt to miss it, but when Fei says “I don’t want to live an anonymous life,” that line encapsulates for me everything this remarkable documentary is about.  The beauty of this piece is that while it truly captures the process of creating this musical, that becomes subtext for what is really happening in China with today’s youth. And Fei’s dad with his poetry and HIS passion, his incredible presence on screen, living his life through his son.  How poignant and beautiful! A stunning piece that has my. vote for Best Documentary for the 2015 Oscars.  Very moved, my friend.  Hats off to you and the team for its creation.

Thanks for sharing it.

All best wishes,

Alan Stein