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From Don’s Blackberry…

Woke for a run. – garbage truck playing happy birthday. Meeting with an actor at his house! Its a freaking audition – no its lunch. Ok. Actually a block from hotel the crabby alley led to blue painted door led to courtyard with pear trees to the old brick home. Inside a mirroed ceiling and mongol decorations in gold trim and of course a wedding pic .
The perf arts leaders parents in law. Previously leaders. 50 year anniversary. The leader when in 1958 the town was moved for the space station. Because party gave rice and a hospital
. Before that only lamb and milk.
The grandaughter enters – the local tv producer.
And – we’re speaking mongolian. The friend a man of intence angles and dark skin. He is multitalented sing , play, wrestle, build yurt, animals (camel and horse and sheep), history and deliver 400 babies.
Have tea anytime.
Write and build lists all day. The power stayed on.

Morning blocking notes and waking jiazi and yurong at 2pm during their nap.

The 8 music files were only 6 and actually just variations of 2 songs. Oh boy!

Afternoon to see costumes not like those in movie – a scheme. The oldest ladies in the county. Like the morning leader mom! 13 gals 50 to 90. And then they stay singing. Now this is an audition.
Batas is directing. One is his mother. Others are gao wa’ aunts. They know the old songs. 3 tumes.
Showing off they costumes like princess. “The girls”. Yes! They are in. No they will not be recorded – live. 2 sang for Mao.

Batar dancing and playing. The x leader joy$
The old want to celebrate – the young don’t want to show themselves on stage. Mmmm.

I skipped dinner to figure out the rest of the staging and fill in pieces. Done at 845pm and then meeting till 11 with waxue yi.
A long long crazy list for 10 days.

I asked for camels asap. A music edit tech, cold beer (a frig) a yurt to assemble and a tree cast.
Tomorro I have 9 am camels. I met a music tech. The yurt has to come from hohhut and at 1am I found a sidewalk bbq with cold beer.