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From Don’s Blackberry…

The before-open jitters are gone- blown away by fireworks on our bows.

All happy – wow – how did we do?

So this mornings meeting is back to normal – the director goes through the list of things to fix and there are many. I want a homing pigeon each night, and they say great.

I go to make notes of changes on the script again fighting cultural differences
. This time it is the plastic sleeve vs the 3 ring binder. How simple an invention and tool the 3 ringer – allowing changes with one click. Even more so allowing one to write notes and changes and improvements on a paper. Any paper. It can be changed with a better idea.

Ah in china no 3 or 5 or 7 ringer. Papers are bound in a plastic sleeve. As if to protect it. – from rain or other ideas. Ok maybe it is just a cheaper idea in a country that did plastic when they were so poor.

Now at the banquet I meet the pigeon girl. Viola. Keming asks for another…so little gusu sends one off to look over jiang qian and when he returns he has the bird. Ok. The idea is doubled and they’ll like having a hand in it.

The singing goes on. Toasts and toasts. Leader style. They almost cried is the ubiquitous comment. It is their standard way to say good. We are not sure if they have ever really cried at a show.

Whichever, it is frustrating as hell!