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DAY 3  an ongoing private journal of my Kunlun journey for just my closest friends.

We left our swank offices near the CBD (central business district) and visited what is called our

Production Base.  It is in the south of Beijing.    In a kind of industrial complex.

We are going to make old chemical plant into our rehearsal hall and cast dormitory.

It sits between the Southern Beijing Prison & Drug Addict Center

and an oil refinery.   I’m sure you’ve seen this before…

I was worried that the space would not be large enough.  (yes I am being filmed…in everything I do)


Hall A seemed big enough.


Hall B was big enough too – if only I could figure out what to do with those chemical bins over our heads.

I think they are empty.

In another part of the building they will build a commissary and kitchen.   Here’s our garden.

Plenty of nice down time to relax in the back yard.


I find new neighborhoods particularly inspiring when writing a musical about mythological gods and man’s place on earth.

We got big dreams!

  As we drove past the prison, I wondered what the penalty was if I quit right now ah…I’m sticking with it!