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File this one under things that make us wonder, ‘how did no one think of that sooner?!’ Better late than never, Disenchanted! tells the untold stories of the fairytale princesses.

Long criticized for polluting minds with the picture-perfect, but unattainable standards for life and love, the princesses are taking to the stage to tell their side of the story. And we quickly find out that life isn’t

all tiaras and glass slippers
. After all, how would you feel if your real life was turned into some superficial happilyever-after tale? And on top of this, they’re being exploited in books, films and merchandise. It’s time for these sisters to start doing it for themselves, and wrestle back their lives and stories from the outside world. Written over three years, the show’s run at the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival saw it win the 2011 Producers’ Award, and it has gone from strength to strength ever since. The all-female cast includes Jen Bechter, Alison Burns and Karen Burthwright. So, see what’s going on in the minds of your favorite royals, learn their true stories, watch as they sing their way through break-ups, drama with dwarves, and talking to teapots.

From W42ST Magazine